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This was little pressie, a birthday Cosmos flower. Came with the seeds, planted it 10 days ago...

Now I am having a little bet with myself, that this will eventually flower as we turn a corner on this whole virus thing. Let’s see... 🤞🤞🤞

Monday 30th March

One week down and ???weeks  to go........ 2 more videos uploaded onto my website.. Hope are all keeping well? Please feel free to leave any comments on here, love hearing from you. 

Weather much colder today, and at 7am was 2 degrees. I lay in bed thinking of my run and thought I wasn’t really feeling like it.... cosy in my bed with a cuppa tea. I didn’t want to let Suzi down and dragged myself out of bed, threw on my clothes, added a beanie and gloves and I was ready, find Suzi still in bed and not wanting to come as she had some emails to sort. 🤨. Well Spencer came with me, but after him asking me to wait for him for 2 mins, to join me, he got down the garden path and was off... not sure why I had to wait 🤔. It’s not very far 1.55 kms and I did feel better after. I only want to try to jog the mile around the lake non stop by the end of this, without feeling like I am massively unfit... cardio wise,, I am unfit with flexibility though and a strong core 😂

Returned to the usual admin and emails I need to keep on top of. Then decided to do a food inventory as sick of trying to find a certain spice or ingredient. So I had everything out of the fridge, freezer, and all food cupboards. I am tasking myself in trying to use up about 20 half full jars and bottles ( that all need to be in the fridge) of ..... teriyaki sauce, pesto, soya sauce, sun dried tomato pate, jams, and about 10 variety’s of chutney, and chilli jam smoked and unsmoked. A dozen meals of cheese and crackers I think may do it 😉 Except we are low on cheese....oh and biscuits....... any ideas for the chutney ?. Will def do a curry or two as I believe we could open up an Indian deli with the spices we have, surprisingly most of them still in date !! 

Spencer is celebrating with a new job, so I guess he will also be having a virtual leaving ‘do’ 🙄. How he’s landed a very good job in this climate I will never know 🤷🏼‍♀️.

He realises how lucky he is, especially with so many now unemployed and with the worse still yet to come. 

Speaking to one of my oldest friends in Australia yesterday, and she said although the restaurants are closed, people are still on the beach, and in the sea. 🤦🏼‍♀️

Saw Trump today in the Oval, surrounded by his people, as he signed documents and money to help with the crisis, and then passed them all a pen. Social distancing non existent. Crazy.

Yesterday we played Monopoly, and last night Articulate, now I love playing games, I really do, but Spencer is relentless.....🥴 I think I may suggest in keeping it to a weekend thing! 

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