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Been a little sloppy lately so here's my updates!!!

Wow we are now into our 5th week of lock down. I feel very lucky to be really busy.

The video classes are going really well, the comments are coming in and are lovely and make me feel they are all worth while and I am helping my friends/students - even if just a teeny weeny bit - in our day to day life. 

What a beautiful time of year ... oh my, and again I really appreciate living in a beautiful place.

These are a few spring photos I have taken... guess where.... all around our lake. Can’t go anywhere else!

We feel we are living on our own Love Island! Our beautiful swans watching them build their nest, she laid a couple of eggs and sits on the nest while continuing to build her stronghold!  We enjoy everyday wandering by quietly to see their story develop. 

We saw 2 eggs, and a couple of days later another egg is in the nest. 

There is a chance we couldn’t see it first time, well I can hardly see them, but David is 6’ 2”, so he gets a better view 😂

Oh my gosh to see the baby ducklings, we think they were only a day or so old, she started off with 12, but 2 days later she was down to 10. Sadly we haven’t seen them in the past few days, and we are hoping they are still alive and well. They do lose them as we have witnessed in past years, not to any Coronavirus but to we think several different reasons, a local heron, and huge fish in our lake, catfish, pike, and carp. Blooming big buggers up to 40lb, so a baby duckling would be a snack 😢 I will report back with hopefully good news!

Easter 🐣  Decided to have some fun and ordered a fluffy furry pink bunny onesie... did my two first live streaming classes, dressed as a bunny... face paint.. et al, it was the hottest day this year about 26 degrees. Hoped everyone enjoyed the classes and had a giggle. I changed classic names of exercises into Easter themed ones, stir the Simnel, bunny hop, playboy bunny, roll like a chocolate egg etc etc... after 2 very sweaty workouts, (lucky there’s no smell-a-vision in your tv’s/computers/iPads) in our living room, I said to David let’s do a video as I will never wear this again. It’s a one off! So outside we went into the mid day sun, no shade, and I got through a 30 minute class. In my desire to complete quickly without passing out, I made quite a faux pas, which I didn’t realise until after when Spencer piped up afterwards, Mum I cannot believe you just said that... I said ‘what’, and he said you called an exercise rampant rabbit 🐇 Whoops 🤦🏼‍♀️ April 10th We were in the process of buying a new kitchen before this outbreak, but we have postponed,  although we needed a new fridge anyway... it arrived and we filled! 

April 12th Spencer doing a charity challenge run 5k, for NHS, someone nominates you and you run it, post the time, and then donate £5 and then nominate 5 more friends to the challenge. Being very competitive and really out of practise, he still achieved 20 mins 50 secs.  April 14th Still playing the games at home (where else). Spencer has found a new game and ordered online..called 7 Wonders. It arrived and looks very complicated, it came highly recommended, not sure by who... will report back...on the new excitement in our life!  May take the rest of this lock down to understand the rules🙈 April 15th Amazing Captain Tom Moore, World War2 veteran,  99 years old, 100 at the end of April. He decided to raise money for the NHS and walk in his garden 100 laps. He was hoping to raise £1000, but the media got hold of the story and it’s gone bonkers......I was moved and donated, contributing to the first million! We all need a wonderful story to uplift and this is a beautiful one. April 18th Keeping safe, ordering groceries click and collect or delivery, helps with foot fall and queuing in the big supermarkets, of which we are blessed around here. We have Waitrose, Tesco, Aldi, Lidl ( presently closed for rebuild) a bit annoyed about that one as love their award winning Gin. They did a blackberry and violet gin and it was divine.  Anyway as many are doing we are trying to order from farm shops and local shops where we can. Having Spencer and Suzi here we are going through lots of food. In fact the main topic of conversation is what are we having for lunch/dinner today, then what are we having for lunch/dinner tomorrow... no wonder the pounds are going on 🤭as some of you may have noticed on camera 🥴 except it really is the camera that puts it on of course!! We have found a local greengrocers which not only delivers the normal fruit and veg, but GIN and tonics, not only that but salted caramel fudge too. Is that not a girls heaven? It was so funny as I was upstairs on the phone and Spencer ran up the stairs saying the delivery had arrived, but he had noticed there was no gin included 😡.... forget anything else... where’s the gin??? I had to take a minute to realise the absurdity of it all, this life right now..... getting deliveries to the front door and I am concerned about the gin. I stopped and laughed. Well that was after the delivery guy had returned apologetic that he had forgotten.

April 20th  Polo Gin, strawberry and rose, sadly a bit disappointing after all that, it tasted to me a little like Aperol, quite a bitter aftertaste, the label did suggest adding elderflower tonic and that may work. I am not a lover of Aperol ( I know shock horror with all the time I spend in Italy - or used to 😢) so wasn’t my favourite.  Ps The fudge was fab 😋 April 21st My live streaming has been going fairly well, technology is not my strong point, that’s why I teach Pilates 😂. So we have a few hiccups, and invites not getting to people, can be really frustrating. I think it’s worth the perseverance as it great to see everyone. The feedback is lovely so thank you all.  April 22nd Routine established.  Still out Mon- Fri at 8am for our little run/walk with Suzi. Feeling really good, not actually on the run, or before or after, but just the fact I am getting out there. Great start to the day and it only takes less than 15mins. Approx 1 mile.  The weather is soooo amazing. In 4/5 weeks we have only had one cloudy morning .. brilliant sunshine, cold at that early time, but fabulous. The blossom is out and everything just looks so beautiful. The one day we had rain, last Saturday I think,  it was the weekend so no early run. We are actually improving slightly.. we started half jog half walk, and we are now jogging probably 2 thirds!  We are taking it in turns to cook, shop, plan and clean. Most of the time it is harmonious but adults living 24/7 with their adult offspring does sometimes raise some challenges.  Spencer finished his last job today and we toasted his new adventure with a glass/bottle of champagne felt a little decadent at the start of the week, but as much as I wanted to refuse a glass, I wasn’t driving, teaching ...I succumbed 🤪 it was tough 😂 Made a lovely home made pesto, with pine nuts I had got from a previous life in Sicily, and olive oil I had actually had a hand in producing from our Le Marche week , living life like an Italian, where we picked 200 kilos of olives (8 of us in 2 hours) and we all received our very own bottle of olive oil.  Made it all the more special. ☺️ I suggested to everyone in our house we could have a competition and have a week of cooking as cheaply as we could, being creative and of course tasty dishes. Wasn’t greeted with the enthusiasm I had hoped, so after my pesto penne, ( which was greeted with enthusiasm....) Spencer stated ok, that was great Mum but let’s get back to the fish and meat 🤷🏼‍♀️

April 22nd  My Cosmos flower pot, growing ..... one month on...

Captain Tom Moore as I am writing this has raised over £28 million unbelievable, and has now raised more than anyone else single handedly truly amazing! He’s says while people are still donating he’s still walking. Our new national treasure! Many are petitioning for his knighthood... they had better hurry up! 🙏🏻

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