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Group Classes

£10/11 per hour billed termly


Private Sessions

£50 for 1-1 single session

£60 for 1-2 single session

Subject to location.

Zoom classes & online videos

Please call or email for more information.


Buy Gift Certificates of any value. Can be used for private sessions, semi-private sessions and group classes.

Fees are due by the end of each term, in advance for the forthcoming term. 

The term generally follows the school state term, but can occasionally differ slightly as I teach in Bucks, Berks and Herts.  

Fees must be paid in full to secure your place. Payments in cash, cheque or BACS. You can pay in full or split the amount into 2 and post date your 2nd cheque for half term. I do need the 2nd cheque in advance also as I often have to chase these up. If paying by BACS please let me know the date of the transfer, and if you are splitting the fee, if you could set up the half term payment at the time as again this can easily be overlooked.


Class equipment & clothing.

Please wear comfortable exercise clothing of your choice. As this is not an aerobic/cardio class you will need layers especially in the winter. Muscles need to be warm to stretch safely!  Equipment: mat (please ask for advice, as many buy a Pilates Mat and find out they are too thin and not adequate ), one thin cushion, or folded towel, one thicker cushion or pillow. Yoga blocks are too hard for Pilates. Supplied are bands, balls, foam rollers and magic circles when needed. Although many buy and bring their own. I can purchase any of the above for you if required.

Prices: Mat - these vary from approx £30 upwards please ask! Thin pillow - £9, Thick pillow - £11, Small ball - £10, Band - £6, Other equipment again please ask! 


Missed classes.

Unfortunately this happens to all of us at some time, due to varied reasons. There can be no discounts or refunds, as I have small classes and often have waiting lists. 

I do try to accommodate and as goodwill, make up classes are available during the term (space allowing). These cannot be carried over to the next term. If you wish to come to another class to make up for a missed one, please let me know so I can check we have space. On the other hand if you know you are going to be away, please notify so I can accommodate anyone wishing to make up a class! 

There are exceptional circumstances to the full fees ie: surgery and recovery, chemo treatments etc. I will work with you where possible and credit classes. This must be done in advance. I cannot offer this if you just don't turn up for a few weeks and then ask for a refund or credit! I also understand circumstances change, and I would hate for you to give up Pilates because your payments schedule changes and you cannot pay at the required time. Please, please just let me know and I can assure you we will work something out!

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