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Nearly a week of isolation, what will I do!

*Thursday night - a great video 3 way call with family in Reading and Woking, 2 hours off laughing and story telling and of course some serious chat about what’s going on. We all realise how important family is, as I am sure you all do. We decided it was going to be a weekly event. Although next week I need to drink less 🙈


Have been home for 1 week now. Feeling positive, loving doing the videos and off out again to do 4 more today. The weather is changing tomorrow so feel this has bought us some time... hope you are all ok. 

Improved our morning jog to running 3 speed bumps and walking one running 2 then back to the usual, as already feel it 😅. Knocked 50 secs off the time and still only burned 79 calories.... oh dear. Although I know that’s not what it’s all about... 

Sad to hear the first person we know of die of Covid, although we didn’t know her she was my godsons girlfriend’s Grandma so elderly, but that doesn’t make it any easier.

Looking forward to watch live streaming with our local theatre The Barn... sent you all the link so you could join in too. Spencer wasn’t interested as he had been on a happy hour party from work, from 2pm 🙄.... then had a leaving works girls drinks party at 6:30.... oh my!! 

So David, Suzi and myself sat down, could get it on our main TV. Well David lasted 10mins, I guess Henry V wasn’t his thing. He said it was the way it was filmed, as it hadn’t been filmed for streaming just for posterity I think. So it wasn’t very good and I think he was feeling sea sick....... Suzi and I lasted another half hour, don’t like to give up too easily. It was a modern take on Shakespeare and I am sure it was amazing if you loved your Henry V and didn’t suffer from motion sickness! It was quite different 🤓

First night of no game/cards .. flippin’ tired, no idea why. All this staying at home is exhausting. 


What a difference a day makes... weather much colder, nasty north wind. Unusual here. Had a lovely sunny start but freezing .... no run today, taking the weekend off, from videos and runs! Monday will resume 👍

Terrible figures from the death rate. 260 in the past 24 hrs now at 1;019. Getting so real. My first student Celine from my Tues eve 7:40 class posted on our WhatsApp group she thinks she has Covid symptoms, we all wish her a speedy recovery. 

David and Spencer just back from Waitrose... and they are only letting in 100 at a time. It’s a huge Waitrose. They had to queue outside for about 15mins all 2 metres apart, all very civil. They said the shelves were very well stocked apart from loo rolls, not one pack, neither were there any paper towels! Watched this programme (while cleaning) with paper towels 🤦🏼‍♀️ about food, fascinating... in darkest Peru these indigenous people make their own alcoholic drink for centuries, apparently they were the enemy of the Incas. Their tipple was from the Yucca root, the local women boiled aand cut it up, sat around and took handfuls of this stuff which looked like mashed urmm...  yucca , they chewed on it and then spat it out into a bowl ...... oh yuck 🤢, hey ...maybe that’s why they call it Yucca 🤣.... they gather this all up and put it in a vat, and cover it and the natural air ferments it into alcohol. Reason being the natural sugars in the saliva create this reaction with the starch.... so ladies and gentlemen you now know what you can do if the wine starts to run out. 

Stay safe and well everyone, hope you are enjoying the Pilates and please leave a comment on my website 🙏🏻 xx 

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